Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday, March 3 in the news.....

  • A valuable painting stolen more than three decades ago has been found in Steven Spielberg's art collection. Spielberg, director of hit movies like ET and Schindler's List, was "cooperating fully" and will retain possession of the painting while its rightful ownership is determined, the FBI said. Well the FBI did discover who originally owned it, and Spielberg is allowed to keep it - it was a distant relative of his from Germany in the early 1940s.

  • The German space agency is reportedly preparing for a mission to the moon. At the same time it is contemplating a mission to Mars. German experts are concerned that opening up a two-front space exploration project could leave Germany vulnerable against aliens. The experts were overruled.

  • Six baseball players died when a bus carrying a team crashed in Atlanta, the world mourned their loss, which means the USA in baseball championship series speak.

  • Pakistan was braced on Saturday for reprisals from militants after the arrest of one of the Taliban's three most senior leaders earlier this week. He was picked up for jaywalking and the exiled Taliban leader Mullah Omar is not happy, telling confidants that Allah declares whether or not a pedestrian light is green.

  • A senior Taliban commander said in remarks broadcast on Friday that the Afghan Islamist group was sending fighters to Iraq to support anti-U.S. insurgents. He did not say if they were flying them first class or economy to save insurgency cash.

  • Astronaut Lisa Nowak, who stunned colleagues by driving from Houston to Orlando in a diaper to confront a woman she thought was a love rival, was charged with attempted kidnapping but not with attempted murder on Friday, prosecutors said. The left out charge of attempted murder left many in the U.S. angry, as did leaving out attempted shitting of pants while listening to Michael Bolton's Greatest Hits.

  • An Al Qaeda-linked Iraqi militant group said on Friday it had killed 18 policemen it seized in Diyala province after the government ignored demands it made for their release. Their demands included the banning of Gillette Mach3 and outlawing of insults involving their clothes such as 'a dress unfashionable frumpy chicks wear'.

  • Archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a marketplace in Athens from the 4th or 5th century B.C. Experts believe many boys were traded here.

  • French President Jacques Chirac on Saturday renewed Paris's attack on EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson, accusing him of weakness in negotiating new trade rules. The EU Commissioner won the battle, and is now negotiating for the spoils of French assets.