Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sunday, March 11 in the news.....

  • US President George W. Bush arrived in Brazil Thursday amid protests at his visit that turned violent at the start of his five-nation Latin America tour. Soccer balls had to be dispersed to quell the rioting.

  • The head of the Australian Federal Police disaster victim identification team in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta announced last night that the remains of all five Australians feared dead in Wednesday's Garuda Airlines crash had been identified. Meanwhile, the new tourism campaign for Indonesia has begun Down Under with the main slogan being: "Tsunamis, earthquakes, plane crashes, Islamist terrorism... you'll never never know if you never never go!"

  • Osama bin Laden, if he's alive, celebrated his 50th birthday yesterday, and his friends in the Taliban prayed for his long life. A spokesman for the group said they hoped he would live 'for 200 years'. Apparently Osama has recently been on eBay looking for Michael Jackson's oxygen chamber.

  • Environmentalism is a religion that is based more on political ambitions than science, the president of the Czech Republic warned Friday. Environmentalists rioted around the globe after the Czech President then showed a comic strip mocking Al Gore.

  • Five Europeans kidnapped in remote northern Ethiopia are safe and in a good condition, the Ethiopian government said on Friday. The kidnappers are demanding sandwiches for their release.