Monday, June 25, 2007

More Monday, June 25 in the news....

  • How to verify that North Korea is shutting down its main nuclear reactor will dominate the agenda for a rare U.N. visit this week to the communist nation, a senior nuclear monitor said Monday. "It's difficult," the UN Envoy said about the task, "Because we have to make our way through hordes of starving people begging for salvation".

  • Hamas's armed wing will release on Monday an audio tape of an Israeli soldier seized by Gaza militants a year ago, a senior official in the Islamist movement said. It will be You Tubed with a picture of Ariel Sharon in a dress under the rumoured username ZionistDogsofWar with favourited videos from Jimmy Carter to the Hahaha kid.

  • Intrusion on Muslim lands is what drives the hatred of Indonesia-based extremist network Jemaah Islamiah for the West, the group's jailed military boss told CNN in an interview broadcast today. When asked what specific Muslim lands he was talking about the miltary boss said 'Earth'.