Saturday, June 02, 2007

More Saturday, June 2 in the news.....

  • In London, actor Hugh Grant will not face charges over claims he attacked a photographer with a tub of baked beans and kicked out at him, the Crown Prosecution Service said on Saturday. The photographer said he never feared for his life during the incident, although after it, when he had time to think over the assault after fleeing the scene, he almost died laughing.

  • China and the United States are to set up a defense hotline, one of Beijing's top generals said on Saturday, a move aimed at improving military relations. Pranksters in the US military ranks have been warned not to order fried rice.

  • Muslim taxi drivers in the United States have drawn the ire of airport authorities for refusing to pick up customers who are carrying alcohol in their luggage. Meanwhile, some customers have drawn the ire of Muslim taxi drivers for refusing to board their taxi for fear it is packed with explosives.