Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday, June 3 in the news....

  • Taliban may be among the dead after a boat with about 60 people on board sank in a river in Afghanistan's southern Helmand province, the Afghan Defence Ministry said on Saturday. Reflecting on this tragedy, the Taliban announced that each fighter will now be equipped with not only guns and explosives but also rubber duckie inflatables.

  • A US warship opened fire on suspected al-Qaeda targets in northeastern Somalia after Islamist fighters clashed with Somali troops. The US military was targeting the al-Qaeda hideout and attempting to flush out all the terrorists, the governor for the region said. Locals were mystified at the technique, noting that the best way to flush out any criminals hiding was to leave a trail of food leading straight into a prison cell. The locals also noted that this is how Islamists were able to recruit some enemy Ethiopian soldiers to their side in recent skirmishes - they had twinkies.