Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday, July 10 in the news....

  • Reports that Turkey has massed a huge military force on its border with Iraq bolstered fears that an invasion targeting hideouts of Kurdish rebels could be imminent. When a reporter attempted to get answers from President Bush about Turkey's plans, Bush waved away the question commenting, "I talk to him a lot and he will be pardoned but sorry, I won't further discuss his or my Thanksgiving's plans this early".

  • Yesterday marked the launch of the first Paris Tourist Day, when residents of the French capital are encouraged to be polite, welcoming and helpful for 24 hours. Foreigners visiting the city categorised the campaign as a French war declared against them, because they failed.

  • A panel of scientists convened by America's leading scientific advisory group says the hunt for extraterrestrial life should be greatly expanded to include what they call "weird life": organisms that lack DNA or other molecules found in life as we know it. One reporter asked the question: "So how long have we got until moon rocks try to take over the planet?"

  • Hawkeye looks like it is here to stay at Wimbledon despite champion Roger Federer's rage against the ball-tracking machine during Sunday's final against Rafael Nadal. Apparently Federer's frustration stems from the machine being the only opponent he can't seem to beat.

  • The Great Wall's leap to the top of the new seven wonders of the world list has restored China's sense of national pride and eased frazzled nerves, state media has reported. The stress and self esteem issues came from their other nomination being the Chinese penis.

  • President Bush is not contemplating withdrawing forces from Iraq now despite an erosion of support among Republicans for his war policy, the White House said Monday. In related news, former President Bill Clinton on the campaign trail for Hillary sidestepped questions relating to successful withdrawals in his administration.