Thursday, August 02, 2007

Thursday, August 2 in the news.....

  • Russia has put a claim on the North Pole. Scientists today prepared to send two mini-submarines under the ice to mark the sea floor with a Russian flag. The USA reminded Russians who had the flag on the moon. And Canada reminded them both who had the flag in Canada.

  • Dozens of loudspeakers have been installed around Sydney's CBD to tell people what to do in the event of a major emergency like a terrorist attack or Aussie Rules becoming more popular than Rugby.

  • The war in Iraq could ultimately cost well over a trillion dollars - at least double what has already been spent - including the long-term costs of replacing damaged equipment, caring for wounded troops, and aiding the Iraqi government, according to a new government analysis. The Bush Administration said it is a good investment in the future, with the President himself noting how you sell low and buy high.