Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thursday, October 4 in the news....

  • Russia's military space commander vowed to retaliate with an arms race if any country started putting weapon systems into orbit, he said in remarks published on Wednesday. There was no talks of going to a world court to protest such moves, but if it does it will end up being the biggest Space Case of all time.

  • In the UK, schools will have to issue a warning before they show pupils Al Gore's controversial film about global warming, a judge indicated yesterday. The warning will involve educating students on the fact that not all climate change specialists are fat and boring.

  • Computers and photographs for director Steven Spielberg's upcoming fourth 'Indiana Jones' film were stolen, and DreamWorks Pictures SKG has asked local law enforcement to investigate, a studio spokeswoman said. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers have been labelled nOObs and will not be able to find the torrents, say experts in the field of trading in the black market of such thefts.