Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wednesday, October 10 in the news....

  • Two European scientists won the 2007 Nobel Prize in physics on Tuesday for a discovery that lets computers, iPods and other digital devices store reams of data on ever-shrinking hard disks. They smiled as everyone applauded them on stage, then whispered to each other that it was awesome to get a Nobel for figuring out how to reduce the burden of too much porn on their hard drives.

  • Al Qaeda remains the "most serious and dangerous" terrorism threat to the United States and is likely to intensify efforts to place operatives inside this country, a new White House report said on Tuesday. The report dismissed concerns of the other possibility, a drunk President Bush playing with the nuclear codes suitcase.

  • Osama bin Laden could be hiding in a city than a remote tribal region, a former Pakistani intelligence chief said on Tuesday. The idea challenges the notion that Bin Laden prefers caves, and reintroduces the idea that the big city remains the place for the movers and the shakers of the world.