Friday, November 09, 2007

Friday, November 9 in the news....

  • Italy's highest court on Thursday confirmed life sentences for three former Nazi SS officers for their role in the murder of 560 Tuscan villagers, in one of Italy's worst civilian massacres during World War Two. The defense of 'I was young stupid and hanging out with the Nazis' was dismissed by the judge.

  • Formation by the United States of a unified military command for Africa is not a move to push more troops onto the continent and impose American policy, the unit's commander said on Thursday. Visiting African Union (AU) headquarters in the Ethiopian capital, Army Gen. William "Kip" Ward said the Americans just want to 'Show they can piss off Africans with sometimes mistaken air strikes just as equally as they do Arabs and Afghanis'.

  • An FBI report warned that al Qaeda may be planning to hit shopping malls in Chicago and Los Angeles during the Christmas season. The FBI refused to reveal what sales or items they were looking to snatch up, or if they had heard 'chatter' over communication channels about what's hot for terror supporters this winter.