Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wednesday, November 28 in the news....

  • NATO air-strikes killed 12 civilian road workers in eastern Afghanistan, a provincial governor said on Wednesday, an incident bound to fuel Afghan resentment against the presence of international forces. In response, international forces handed out more soccer balls.

  • Serbs and Kosovo Albanians meet for a final hour of talks on Wednesday, along with the trio of mediators that has struggled in vain to break the deadlock over the future of the breakaway province. The mediators, from the European Union, the United States and Russia, were due to hold a news conference later in the Austrian capital and will make final visits to Serbia and Kosovo next Monday. The Europeans feigned interest about the visits, the Russians eyed off where the US will travel, and the United States denied its final visit to Serbia involved bombs.

  • A Russian man blew himself up with a hand grenade Tuesday shortly after train inspectors asked to see his ticket. "Some people don't like to pay fines," an inspector told waiting media.

  • Russia announced officially the start of campaigning for next year's presidential election on Wednesday. All sides promised to limit the politics of personal destruction by using contract killing sparingly.