Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday, March 29 in the news.....

  • Raul Castro is revolutionizing his brother's island in small but significant ways - the latest in a decree Friday allowing ordinary Cubans to have cell phone service, a luxury previously reserved for the select few. The first call made by a Cuban was for help.

  • U.S. forces stepped deeper Friday into the Iraqi government's fight to cripple Shiite militias, launching airstrikes in the southern city of Basra and firing a missile into the main Shiite stronghold in Baghdad. Local Shiites complained about the heavy-handed violence to secure a victory against the militias, accusing America of having read the Koran.

  • Sydney's iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge went dark Saturday night as the world's first major city turned off its lights for this year's Earth Hour, a global campaign to raise awareness of climate change. Tourists taking photos of the city at night could be heard cursing in foreign languages.