Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tuesday, April 29 in the news.....

  • A Chinese court sentenced 17 people Tuesday to jail for their alleged roles in deadly riots in the Tibetan capital, in the first trial concerning last month's unrest, state media reported. Jail is another term for being released back into Tibet.

  • In Austria, a retired electrician has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering seven children with her in a windowless cell sealed by an electronic keyless-entry system. The electrician said he wants to sell the story's rights to the producers of the next Hostel film sequel.

  • U.S. Marines in helicopters and Humvees flooded into a Taliban-held town in southern Afghanistan's most violent province early Tuesday, the first major American operation in the region in years. When asked why they couldn't just bomb everything from the sky a Marine said they were trying the human touch.

  • A high-speed passenger train jumped the tracks and slammed into another train in eastern China on Monday, killing at least 66 people and injuring 247, a state news agency reported. This was in line with China's 'one high speed train jumping the tracks and killing dozens' population control policy.

  • The United States is accusing Iran and Syria of trying to destabilize Iraq in the latest salvo against the two nations who have borders with the strife torn country. A Dutch film producer accused the US of arrogance and ill-informed policy, instead blaming the instability on Mohammad. The Dutchman then held up some cartoon strips to make his point.