Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wednesday, April 2 in the news.....

  • China has branded the Dalai Lama a 'wolf in monk's robes' and his followers the 'scum of Buddhism'. It stepped up the rhetoric Tuesday, accusing the Nobel Peace laureate and his supporters of planning suicide attacks. Suicide attacks being defined as 'protesting China's soldiers on Tibet's streets'.

  • Britain has postponed a plan to withdraw around 1,500 troops from Iraq after a surge in violence swept the southern city of Basra and other Shiite areas, Britain's defense secretary said Tuesday. Formerly in charge of the southern city and other southern areas, Britain said it will help by bumbling around again, then cause further problems once they decide to withdraw again.

  • Cuban shoppers are snapping up DVD players, motorbikes and electric rice cookers that are going on sale to the general public for the first time. The government of new President Raul Castro has lifted a ban on them, offering up things that the people were formerly denied under Fidel Castro. 'Democracy: The Board Game', went flying off the shelves too.

  • Advisers of President Robert Mugabe and his chief rival are discussing the possibility of Zimbabwe's longtime leader giving up the presidency. If done, Mugabe would be relinquishing any power he once had, like Zimbabwe's economy.

  • On the campaign trail, US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton said today that she has something in common with Rocky. A reporter asked if she was comparing the size of her balls to Rocky Balboa's.

  • Rapper 50 Cent has flip-flopped from supporting Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama to 'I Don't Know'. The MC, who originally supported Clinton, switched to Obama after one of his speeches -- but now he's not sure. 50 Cent said there would have been no debate if a former crack-cocaine dealer who has faced charges of murder in the past was running for president, but since there isn't, he's not sure.