Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sports Edition, Sunday, May 25th

NBA Conference Finals

Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons - Series tied 1-1

Game 3 in Detroit

Boston was able to go up early in a critical Game 3 but the Pistons brought it back - with the sort of Piston defense that would be able to find a way to keep the automotive industry in the Motor City. But Boston with Kevin 'KG' Garnett and Paul 'The Truth' Pierce kept its lead and with Sam Cassell and James Posey hitting clutch shots early on, the Celts looked like they might actually get their first road win. Road Trips for the Celtics so far in the playoffs have consisted of bus chants that include "How are we gonna lose! Tough! When are we gonna lose! When this bus stops!" So it was important for them to step off the team bus and prove themselves wrong in a city where they are just lucky to make it to the hotel without being shot up by an Eminem groupie with a Rasheed Wallace jersey on.

'Bad Boys' - Detroit's fan base epitomise their league bad boy image - This one by sneaking treats behind his parents backs.

Throughout the game Ray Allen was still missing in action for the Celtics, lofting up his bread and butter three-pointers but finding pop tarts on the finish. Garnett showed that he was the scariest man in Detroit tonight with a thunderous slam, and some Pistons fans had to change their underpants after that one. The Truth continued hurting them while Ray Allen will be the first black man to feature in a special edition of Where's Waldo.

The Pistons by the fourth quarter were relying on first year guard Rodney Stuckey, who was showing that new industries can come about in Detroit if they look hard enough, a great game from the first year player. Meanwhile, Ray Allen is money at the free throw line, in fact he can't miss, somewhere Shaquille O'Neal is crying onto someone's shoulder.

The Boston Celtics wrapped it up good and proper and the Detroit Piston fans left in a huff, realising that not only was their team falling on the homecourt but so were their house prices.

'No sweat' - Paul Pierce removes his headband as he heads for the locker room, or what opposition teams call the 'Safe House in The Palace'. In another era it was what Dennis Rodman used to call 'home' when his pick-up truck and shotgun weren't available in the carpark.

As the Boston Celtics boarded their bus, there were no chants of losing, just Ray Allen calling the wrong directions to the hotel with all his teammates laughing, cause it didn't matter tonight, Celts through, and The Truth drove that bus back to their hotel then Garnett slapped that Eminem-look-a-like Sheed fan like the bitch he is.