Friday, June 13, 2008

Sports Edition, Friday, June 13

NBA Finals

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers - Celtics lead series 2-1

Game 4 in Los Angeles

Allow me to be serious for a second....

In the titanic struggles of the 1980s, Boston and Los Angeles had big moments in this game.

Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

In 1984 and 1985 it was Boston who were able to steal Game 4 from the Lakers in Los Angeles.

In '84 it was Larry Bird hitting a crucial shot in overtime with less than a minute to go. This Game 4 would be remembered for the physical play culminating in the clothesline of Kurt Rambis and for the errors Magic Johnson made at the end of the game, which led to the label of Tragic Johnson by Celtics fans.

In 1985 it was Dennis Johnson taking a long jumper that sealed it for the Celtics and leveled the series at 2-2, forcing the Lakers to have to go back to Boston and win one in the Garden, which they did.

In 1987, Game 4 was famous for Magic Johnson's baby hook shot over Kevin McHale in the Boston Garden. It was the defining shot of that season's MVP, and the one that would pave the way for the Championship back to LA and stop the Celtics repeating.

In 2008, Game 4 has all the makings of another historic battle against these same two bitter enemies.

Updates to follow.....

First Quarter action so far.....

Pierce continues to stink out the joint with his poor play, how weak is he.

And Lamar Odom has come to PLAY baby!

24-7 lead to the Lake Show. Hot shooting an understatement. Boston planning renovations for the Staples Center with all the bricks they're throwing up?

And a very special GFY for the rigged crowd.

Wait for it....


As Magic Johnson famously said, I wanna sit in the crowd in a frenzy.

Lakers lead 35-14

Second Quarter action.....

Trevor Ariza the California native showing some good hussle, as Pat Riley once quoted Bill Russell as saying, hussle is the extreme talent. Vujacic got that energy, but Farmar the only cold Laker at the moment, which is saying something. It's all Lakers right now. Odom is STILL hot, he's smokin'!

That's a zone, that's a zone.

45-21 to the Lake Show.

Second Quarter comes to a close.

As Jordan Farmar walks into the changerooms he turns to Luke Walton after draining the three right before the buzzer and exclaims, "I needed that one!" Then they laugh. And that's how it is and that's how it goes!
Lake Show in a flow.

58-40 at half-time

Third Quarter action....

Lakers up 20, 68-48.

Kobe is looking to go for his after two quarters with no field goals, after the first half he had 3 points, all from free throws, now he's ready to shoot, hitting one in Pierce's face from near three point range. Fisher is going fishing, time out after his jump shot from the three-point fake, and the Lakers still loving Odom's intensity, he's the driving force, not Kobe. Kobe is looking to change that now, because it's heading towards the end of the third quarter, it's Kobe Time.

Celtics down 11 after a Ray Allen fast break, Phil Jackson time out, I'll be looking for Kobe to do something after this.


End of the third quarter and Paul Pierce has dug himself out of the grave he put himself in when he got to LA and helped spark his team. A three point play to Pierce plus a block on Kobe were just two of the plays that led to a revival of the Celtics in the last half of the third quarter.

to the Lakers.

King Kobe will have to think long and hard about delivering on his clutch abilities, whatever that may require, as the fourth quarter begins....

Fourth Quarter action....

Kobe time.

And he's responding.

Garnett can hit his, Pierce can try, but Kobe just got the dunk to take the Lakers to an 81-77 lead. He's got more in his bag of tricks and he's got the coolest head on the floor in the fourth quarter. Hail the King.

Ah fuck it.

And let it be known, the Sports Guy is a tool, everyone who reads him is a tool, they hang off him but he's just a yankee tool whose family line the Southerners didn't wipe out.