Monday, June 09, 2008

Sports Edition, Monday, June 9

NBA Finals

Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers - Celtics lead series 1-0

Game 2
(Warning: Written by a Lakers fan post-game)

The leprechaun was smiling today, and no one could knock his teeth out, even Kobe Bryant only got a cheek shot in the fourth quarter.

And the luck of the Irish seems to translate to guys whose name in this game has never been heard until Boston needs to pull something out its arse when it counts.

Take Leon Powe.

Game 2, he hits 6 of 7 shots, 9 of 13 from the free-throw line, 21 points, hits big dunks, like he owns the court, but he couldn't pay for the court! He's LEON POWE! WHO THE FUCK IS LEON POWE? What they give him $200,000 a year, that's right, he's buying Kevin Garnett's watch if he's lucky but there he is making shots like he's taking Tim Duncan's salary home. That's whose name got pulled out the pot of gold today, Leon! And the Leprechaun was like, well fuck it Danny Ainge as GM spent all the gold putting this team together, you only get a Leon Powe today. Not to bag Paul Pierce's effort, or Rajon Rondo's, but the spark was Powe, from beginning to end, even if the end was all Lakers.

What really bothered me though, was the Lakers taking a vacation in the third quarter - and when they take a vacation it's Europe-style vacation, with guys like Pau and Vladimir and Sasha they ain't going to Disneyland in Florida, they're going on a boat down the Rhine River - and when they return there's like 9 minutes to go in the fourth quarter and everything is uphill. King Kobe scores 13 in the fourth but it wasn't enough, especially when he doesn't get the ball with 20 seconds left. Radmanovic is not gonna be called Rad for short when he passes to Vujacic for the BIGGEST shot of the game, that wasn't rad, it was sad.

Paul Pierce. He played like Paul Pierce should play like if he is a true Celtic Legend in the Boston Garden. He was vintage Celtic, I don't know but something about being the man to inherit Larry Bird's legacy seems to make his shots drop whenever the Celts need them at home, and make the big plays right at the end. Pierce's block on Vujacic's three sealed it. And long before that, his three pointers kept the Lakers out of reach. Everytime he lined up for a three I at least got out a 'Fuck you yeah I know but fuck you', before he made it. Paul Pierce is clutch, but Kobe Bryant owns the gears, and Celtics fans should remember that heading out to Los Angeles for the next three games - Kobe knows how to get it up to 100 mph in under 5 seconds.

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