Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday, June 3 in the news.....

  • Investigators reviewed video and picked through debris Tuesday as Denmark's intelligence service said al-Qaida or a terror affiliate was likely behind a car bomb that exploded outside its embassy in Pakistan. A Pakistani official said looking for the bomber in Pakistan would be difficult, when questioned why, the official said he had bombed a few places himself the day before.

  • In Myanmar, reports suggest more than 1 million people still don't have adequate food, water or shelter. Also, a month after a devastating cyclone swept through Myanmar, reports suggest they have even less of it now.

  • Iran's supreme leader said Tuesday that 'no wise nation' would pursue nuclear weapons but his country will continue to develop its nuclear program for peaceful purposes. He also thought to say that 'no well-dressed nation', 'no smart nation' and 'no cool nation' would pursue nuclear weapons although Iran will continue to do so for peaceful purposes. He then realised what he said and slapped an aide.

  • Chinese police dragged away more than 100 parents Tuesday while they were protesting the deaths of their children in poorly constructed schools that collapsed in last month's earthquake. The parents were out of line, the government said, as they never tried to stop communism when it arose so they shouldn't complain now.

  • Syria will allow in U.N. inspectors to probe allegations that a remote building destroyed in an Israeli airstrike was a nuclear reactor built secretly with North Korean help, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday. Syria said it would let them in once they finished clearing the site of any nuclear reactor rubble left over.