Sunday, November 12, 2006

November 12 in the news.....

In a recent interview Sir Elton John speaks about how he wants religion banned completely -- because he believes it promotes hatred of gays. He didn't speak of wanting to ban AIDS, STD's, drug use, suicide rates, the high murder rates or any of the major issues plaguing the gay community because that is God's job.

President Bush marked Veterans Day by praising U.S. troops who have fought oppression around the world, yet spoke only briefly about Iraq, where U.S. commanders are re-evaluating strategy. Democratic Senator John Kerry said "Just as well, you don't hear people in conversation about those who use the handicapped spaces at shopping malls do you?"

Just days after Democrats took over Congress, Americans embraced their top goals and President George W. Bush's job approval rating slid to 31 percent. President Bush pleaded "please, I've admitted mistakes, I've shown an open mind, I've admitted it was a thumping, why am I still sinking?" He then looked over at his mate Prime Minister John Howard who stood there shaking his head, reportedly mumbling 'weak cunt'.

Police patrolling Flemington racecourse during Melbourne Cup Week have reported an "alarming" surge in underage drinking. In other surprising news across Australia, people are shopping for food, going to work, and complaining about petrol prices.

A German tourist has been arrested after allegedly taking photos of naked children on the NSW central coast. In his defence he argued that he was German.