Tuesday, December 05, 2006

December 5 in the news....

  • A soccer player's misplaced pass brought a German express train screeching to a halt today. The player miss-kicked the ball just as the train was passing the ground he was playing on near the town of Emsdetten in northern Germany. The ball severed the brake hose between the engine and the first carriage, triggering the train's automatic braking mechanism. Coincidentally the train was carrying many Argentines.

  • Divers have rescued two crew who spent 15 hours on the seabed in a stranded rescue submarine off Australia's west coast, the military said on Tuesday. When told they would be evacuated to Perth they asked to be put back on the seabed.

  • Australia snatched an improbable six-wicket win in the second Ashes test today, marching to victory in Adelaide after England collapsed to be all out for 129 in their second innings. Australia scored 4-168 in the final innings to win the match by six wickets and move a step closer to regaining the Ashes. In a London pub as the last hour dwindled down, Wayne Rooney was sent off and David Beckham cried.

  • Former U.S. President Bill Clinton praised Cambodia on Monday for its success in fighting HIV/AIDS, saying other countries should take note of its twin strategy of public education and widespread condom promotion. Prime Minister Hun Sen welcomed the visit and said about Clinton: "Your presence here sends a big message to Cambodian youngsters about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. It also helps to reinforce the power of oral sex as it is not sexual relations."