Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7 in the news....

  • Nintendo had to caution users of its Wii motion controller after it received complaints that it has been responsible for some broken TVs and laptop computers. There is a reportedly simple solution to this problem -- putting the Wii motion controller down and getting a life.

  • First Lady Laura Bush was caught out at a holiday party wearing the same dress as three other women. Putting on a brave face there was no bitchiness apparent between the ladies, but later on President Bush in a phone call to Russia had President Putin offer to poison the three other women.

  • Black New Yorkers demanded the police chief's resignation at a rally today and unveiled plans to shut down Wall Street. This comes after police killed a black man on his wedding day when they fired 50 bullets after an officer identified himself and the black man in question rammed their unmarked police car. Wall Street has been targeted as 'Cracker' central and they intend to shut it down by using previous techniques -- pooling money together and renting out apartments until white people leave.

  • Within hours of President Hugo Chavez's re-election on Sunday, Washington made overtures to open dialogue with Venezuela. But the man who calls President George W. Bush a "donkey" ruled out rapprochement. His words were: "It's not small! It's thin... spaghetti thin..."