Monday, January 29, 2007

January 29 in the news.....

  • Prince Charles visited Harlem Sunday, making a stop at a charter school where he took some time to shoot hoops with a basketball team. Prince Charles even got a chance to trash talk his opponents as he eyed the basket, with one of the hoopsters telling media the prince told him that "One is Crowned as the Royal shot taker, now if one does not mind allowing one to move to the right, one will delightfully take the lane and finish with a cheerful lay up, then one would rather like to sip some more tea."

  • Nearly 20 environmentalists scaled the Eiffel Tower to hang protest banners about the threat of global warming as the world's top climate scientists gathered nearby to issue a key report. It alarmed Parisians as they immediately assumed the country had fallen to Greenpeace.