Thursday, March 01, 2007

Thursday, March 1 in the news.....

  • Global stock markets staged a cautious recovery on Wednesday as Wall Street rallied a day after its worst slide since 2001 and other markets partially recovered from heavy early losses. But renewed jitters are spooking brokers and investors with the threat of more losses, and leading financial analysts are predicting further lean times in the short term for hookers and cocaine dealers in Manhattan.

  • China's Foreign Ministry likened U.S. doubts about Chinese defense spending on Thursday to a peeping tom poking through Beijing's underwear. Spokesman Qin Gang told reporters: "If someone always tears through your clothes and even wants to lift open your underwear, saying 'Let me see what's inside', how would you feel? Would you want to call the police?" It is uncertain if he was alluding to silk or cotton panties, and whether the U.S. was doing it from behind and under, or in front and over.