Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chinese Edition Wednesday, March 14 in the news....

  • Spitting, pollution, dirty toilets, text messages advertising weapons and a nationalistic sports media -- Beijing officials admitted on Wednesday they had many problems to face some 500 days before the Olympics open. Not only that, they still have to murder some 10,000 Falun Gong supporters.

  • China will tighten controls on Internet blogs and webcasts in a response to new technologies that have allowed cyber citizens to avoid government censorship efforts, in an apparent 'Great Internet Firewall' state press reported Tuesday. Mongolian hackers laughed at their efforts.

  • The use of organs from executed prisoners in China is strictly regulated and happens only in exceptional cases, state media reported Wednesday. The regulations concern what is needed and therefore who should be executed, the exceptional cases referring to Communist Party members.

  • Taiwan has recently ignited a spark of tension when President Chen Shui-bian began to talk once again of independence. Chen said the self-ruled island should pursue independence and change its official title from the "Republic of China." When asked what he would change it to, Chen responded "I dunno, The Real China?"

  • China will face huge job pressures this year with 12 million urban dwellers expected to be out of work. Reebok says it's moving its operations to Vietnam.