Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 20 in the news.....

  • In France, Michael Moore unveiled his latest attack on America's shortcomings at Cannes with Sicko, a scathing documentary that exposes the dark side of the US health system and its powerful insurance lobby. When asked what next for the award winning filmmaker, Moore said "I'm going to make a documentary detailing all the good things about America and Americans," he paused as the reporters nodded, "Nah just kidding, no one wants to see that here."

  • Russia stands accused of launching a cyber war against its Baltic neighbour Estonia. Estonians removed a Soviet war memorial from central Tallinn three weeks ago and since then government web sites and those belonging to banks, political parties and other national institutions have been hit. Estonia has made emergency calls to military advisors at Google and IBM but they have refused to get involved. Instead, Estonian IT soldiers are continuing constant Googling for help and adding cyber-war defence sites to their Favourites in Firefox.