Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday, May 22 in the news....

  • The White House on Sunday fired back at former President Jimmy Carter, calling him "increasingly irrelevant" a day after Carter described George W. Bush's presidency as the worst in history in international relations. It was uncertain how fast his irrelevance was increasing but it was thought to have begun in 1976.

  • Treasurer Peter Costello's regular morning jog up the roof of Parliament House is a breach of parliamentary security, a Senate estimates committee has heard. Mr Costello took up jogging late last year and ends his Canberra outings by running up the grassy slope to the flagpole at the top of Parliament House. He told reporters that he liked to jog a lap of the Parliament and finish by racing to the grassy roof, where he would "clasp my hands together like Rocky Balboa". The Treasurer refused to be drawn on whether it was a breach but a spokesman responded on the 'Rocky Balboa' thing saying 'Yeah Pete's a lonely guy.'