Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday, June 14 in the news.....

  • The State Emergency Service has heeded an SOS to supply beer to residents of the flood-isolated NSW Hunter Valley township of Hinton so they can enjoy the footy broadcast. Hinton has been cut off by flood waters since Sunday, after days of wild storms left a trail of destruction across the Hunter region, the Central Coast and parts of Sydney. One resident sat on his porch, broken leg bandaged up, ute destroyed by a fallen tree in the driveway, and reminisced: "When I realised there may be no beer for the big footy match, yeah I cried at the devastation these storms inflicted".

  • Forget luxury cars, an apartment in New York or a big yacht. What the winner of a 37 million dollar Canadian lottery jackpot really hankers for is a chess set. The 55 year old Toronto man confirmed what all had been thinking, Canadians with big dreams had already moved to the USA.

  • Sunni militants blew up the two minarets of a revered Shiite shrine in the Iraqi town of Samarra overnight. In response Shiite gunmen blew up a major Sunni mosque in the Iraqi town of Iskandariya. In response Sunnis blew up the rubble of another bombed Shiite shrine. In response to that, Shiites blew up Sunni suicide bombers before they could blow up.

  • The fallout from Paris Hilton's arrest and incarceration continues to spread across Los Angeles. At a hearing Tuesday, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors pressured Sheriff Lee Baca to publicly explain why he had released Hilton from jail last week. Busy doing sums on a calculator the Sheriff looked up and said, "Um, good reasons. Good medical reasons."