Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday, August 25 in the news....

  • A wealthy Russian tried to buy a U.S. B-52 bomber from a group of shocked American pilots at an airshow near Moscow, a Russian newspaper reported Friday. When the offer was rejected the Russian was visibly disappointed, but told them to let him know if the White House goes up for sale.

  • A giant hole in the Universe is devoid of galaxies, stars and even lacks dark matter, astronomers said on Thursday. The team at the University of Minnesota said the void is nearly a billion light-years across and they have no idea why it is there. Tom Cruise informed them that it was an excavation site cleared on the orders of Xenu.

  • A financially savvy Tokyo housewife who made 400 million yen ($3.44 million) trading in foreign exchange markets was fined Friday for evading tax, a court official said. Her husband said she was the most awesome desperate housewife ever.