Sunday, September 23, 2007

Weekend in Brief, September 22 and 23 in the news....

  • Ailing Cuba's leader Fidel Castro has appeared in a TV interview for the first time for three months now, putting speculation about his death to an end, BBC reported on Saturday. Castro has told his inner circle he intends to outlive the Bush Presidency. He declined to give a promise of trying to outlive another American institution unpopular as time went on, Police Academy sequels.

  • A case of cholera has been confirmed in southern Iraq, a senior health official said today, raising fears the virulent water-borne disease is spreading through the country. So far the only treatment to stop it for those who get it bad is an Improvised Explosive Device.

  • An Iraqi al Qaeda-led group, the Islamic State in Iraq, has shot dead five abducted Iraqi army officers and posted a video of the execution-style killings on the Internet. The video for 'Leave Britney Spears alone!' continues to outrank it on You Tube.