Thursday, January 08, 2009

A brief moment in history II....

Cricket Quotes, The Ashes rivalry (rising again in July, 2009):

"A fart competing with thunder." England in Australia in 1990-91, as assessed by their captain Graham Gooch.

"Tufnell! Can I borrow your brain? I'm building an idiot." One of the funnier Australian barrackers as Phil Tufnell was pilloried by the crowd in Newcastle, Ashes series, 1994-5

"All the never-say-die qualities of a kamikaze pilot." England's cricketers in the 1990s, as seen by an Australian journalist

"A cricket tour in Australia would be the most delightful period in your life...if you were deaf." Harold Larwood England's main fast bowler on the Bodyline tour. He later emigrated to Australia

"I am not talking to anyone in the British media ... they are all pricks." Allan Border Australia's captain, at a press conference at Hove in 1993

"With the possible exception of Rolf Harris, no other Australian has inflicted more pain and grief on Englishmen since Don Bradman." The Daily Mirror's Mike Walters reflects on Steve Waugh's retirement