Sunday, October 25, 2015

October 25, 2015, in the news.....

Former NBA star Lamar Odom reportedly suffered 12 strokes, which are believed to have impacted his motor skills - soon after his collapse at a brothel in Nevada earlier this month. Doctors said the impact on his brain function could improve his acceptance of still being married to a Kardashian.

Tony Blair has apologised for mistakes made over the Iraq War - and said there were "elements of truth" to claims the war caused the rise of Islamic State. When pushed to take full claim for the Islamic State, Blair said he really couldn't, instead giving full credit to Mohammad.

Balkan countries are threatening to close their borders if European Union members in northern Europe stop accepting asylum seekers streaming north from Greece and Macedonia. The concept of a border-free European zone to help dissolve conflict and form better solidarity among Europeans appears to be stumbling. Observers say it could end in conflict, except this time they won't use weapons they'll just throw their Arabs at each other.

Catch-and-release shark traps, drones and floating internet networks are set to be trialled from this summer in a bid to nudge nervy NSW beachgoers back into the water. The state's north coast has become ground zero for shark attacks this year and will be at the centre of the government's initiative to keep surfers, in particular, safe. The surfing community will also unveil a new slogan to promote the sport at beaches along the coast: "You can still surf with one arm and sometimes one leg".

The family of a 12-year-old boy labelled Australia's youngest terror suspect have broken their silence and revealed that authorities never contacted them to discuss how their son could be de-radicalised. One of the boy's relatives is in Goulburn's SuperMax facility for ram-raiding an ATM and threatening to kill an ASIO officer. Another relative is also in the same facility as a result of the ram-raid - which authorities allege was an attempt to raise funds for foreign fighters. When media inquired how a 12 year old boy could possibly be a terrorist, a government official said this was one of the wonderful aspects of the changes to immigration policies in the 1960s that begun the de-Anglocisation of Australia.

The owner of a Melbourne bar has apologised after displaying a sign saying 'no poofter drinks'. After being bombarded by angry comments on its Facebook page the bar relented saying 'poofters win this round'.

The United States and Saudi Arabia have agreed to increase support to Syria's moderate opposition while seeking a political resolution of the four-year conflict. The vetting process for moderates was highlighted by the U.S. State Department:
"Are you Sunnis associated with ISIS?"
"No we are not."
"Okay here are weapons and vehicles."