Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 29 in the news

  • A recent study says that women talk three times as much as men. It also discovered that this is due to the time it takes to explain the same thing.

  • Greg Chappell hasn't been this popular since he told his kid brother Trevor to bowl underarm against New Zealand in 1981. The Indian parliament is in uproar and mobs are burning Chappell effigies in the streets after another abysmal loss by the Indian cricket team, which is coached by the former Australian Test captain. Chappell has been warned by his cricketing peers that India could go 'Gandhi' on him.

  • Actress Pamela Anderson and her husband, recording star Kid Rock, filed for divorce from each other on Monday after just four months of marriage, according to court papers. Most importantly the divorce proceedings will work out who has the rights to sell the sex tapes online.