Monday, January 15, 2007

January 15 in the news....

  • A comedy about Hitler by a Jewish filmmaker has rocketed to the top of the German box office charts in its first week in the cinemas. Its success has caused concern and consternation once again for German Jewry as Germans do not have a sense of humour.

  • Draped in national flags and armed with bottles, chairs and sticks, rival Serbian, Greek and Croatian fans clashed at the Australian Open yesterday in a wild confrontation that police fear could escalate today. More than 150 supporters were ejected from Melbourne's glamour international event after the clash on the lawns outside the main arena caught organisers off guard. There was a temporary break in tension when all three groups laughed at a small Macedonian man angry at being shunned.

  • Britain and France talked about a 'union' in the 1950s and even discussed the possibility of Elizabeth II becoming the French head of state. The once-secret papers from the British National Archives have yielded the discoveries and reveal the true extent of France's willingness to surrender even when not under military attack.