Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday, April 3 in the news.....

  • Germany's Baltic Sea resort of Heiligendamm, which will host the G8 summit in June, has revoked the honorary citizenship it awarded to Adolf Hitler in 1932. When asked why it took so long, the sea resort said "Well, we held out for a Nazi victory as long as possible, looks like they really did lose."

  • France's TGV fast train set a new world speed record on rails Tuesday, hitting 574.8 kilometres per hour (357.2 miles per hour) on a specially prepared stretch of track east of Paris. It was then set on fire by rioting youths.

  • The reigning Mr. Universe faces assault and resisting arrest charges following a run-in with police who mistakenly believed the diabetic bodybuilder was intoxicated. Doug Burns, 43, was sprayed with Mace and wrestled to the ground by officers who were summoned to a movie theater Sunday night by a security guard, authorities said. Burns squatted two officers then bench pressed a third, it was only when he went for the lying triceps extensions on a fourth and fifth officer that he failed the reps and was subdued.