Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday, May 12 in the news....

  • US Vice President Dick Cheney warned Friday from the hangar deck of a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf that the United States will not let Iran get nuclear weapons. He held up a shotgun as he said it and everyone dove for cover.

  • Outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair will meet with President George W. Bush during a visit to the United States next week, the White House said on Friday. With Iraq factoring into the reasoning for Blair's departure, Bush and Blair are expected to sit awkwardly in silence for a while before Bush offers him some of his cheetos.

  • Visiting Brazil, the Pope has told the youth of the country to stay away from drugs and sex before marriage. He then told them to stay away from soccer, silence filled the air, the Pope laughed and said he had worked on that joke for months.