Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 10 in the news.....

  • Italian police have arrested 14 suspected mobsters in Sicily following an investigation that revealed links to organised crime in New York. The investigation was undertaken to uncover new plot lines for the next NY gangster film.

  • A chunk of an Arctic glacier broke into the sea and triggered a huge wave that injured 18 people on a sightseeing boat, almost all of them British tourists, Norwegian officials said. "The glacier calved (split off) and a big wave washed over the boat," Elisabeth Bjoerge Loevold, acting governor of Svalbard, told Reuters. "Then the whinging started, like 'bloody bollocks can't go anywhere without it flooding' and 'what a great holiday this is, back to floods, bollocks this is, bloody bollocks'".

  • A Mississippi town's animal control officer says he's been flooded with calls about a kangaroo that's been spotted on the loose. An Australian wildlife officer commented on the situation, saying if true the kangaroo should not approach Americans as it is unsure how they may react.