Friday, October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015, in the news.....

Swedish police say they believe a man armed with a sword who killed a teacher and child had 'racist motives' for the attack at a school where most of the students were from immigrant families. Sweden's government was upset at the situation, saying they're hoping they can play their usual duck and hide neutrality while the children of Germany do most of the work murdering the latest wave of history's Muslim invaders to Europe.

Tom Brady says he wants to play American football for another 10 years. He went on, saying all 42 year old white guys deserve the chance to be sacked by four 25 year old black men on steroids before they realise they went too far.

The White House announced that the U.S. had dropped 50 tons of ammunition to Syrian Arabs fighting the Islamic State. Some officials now say that the new Arab coalition was a front and that Kurdish groups received most of the weapons -- as the U.S. intended. Both an EU and Greek representative called the U.S. afterwards and asked how good does it feel to screw those Turks.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has been awarded this year's Confucius Peace Prize, an award that is considered a Chinese rival to the Nobel peace prize. The Chinese peace prize prioritises the murder of white western farmers this year, but is expected to award other racial supremacist dictators in the future unless they're Japanese.

German officials say they’ve foiled an extremist plot to torch migrant shelters, adding to concerns over rising attacks on refugees in Europe as migrant arrivals hit new records. The EU continues to hold the line that Europe's historical record with non-Europeans has completely changed over the last 50 years with the new policy of multiculturalism and national identity along ethnic lines is 'totally not us anymore'.

New Zealand plans to change area names of Nigger Hill, Nigger Stream and Niggerhead, in the middle of New Zealand's south island, due to their offensive nature. A spokesman for the NZ government said, "well crap it's 2015, with migration these days we actually have niggers living here now, so we better fucking change it before they figure it out. Hey did I just say nigger again? Shit I did."

The victim of an alleged child sex trafficking network claims she was prostituted at dozens of pedophile parties, which were attended by at least three former prime ministers at Canberra's Parliament House. Many historians rubbished the claims saying the 1970s was a lovely time to be alive regardless of whether you were a priest an entertainer or a politician.

As Russia unleashed waves of warplanes Thursday from an air base in western Syria to pound militant targets, President Vladimir Putin pushed diplomatic efforts with the West, stressing the need "to consider each other as allies in a common fight." Harking back to the days of WWII, Putin continued, "let's win together, then you guys can take one half of Syria and make it rich, and we'll take the other half and turn it into a communist shithole."