Monday, January 22, 2007

January 22 in the news.....

  • Australian oil and gas giant Woodside has yet to explain why it needs to move ancient rock art to develop a gas plant on Western Australia's Burrup Peninsula, protesters say. Woodside has countered by saying the art seems to be a metaphor for the justification of the War in Iraq, this has divided some protesters who agree with that interpretation, with some protesting their protesting fellow protestors now. Meanwhile, local Aboriginal art scholars were too high on petrol to respond.

  • In Canada, the trial of a pig farmer accused of murdering 26 women - mostly prostitutes and drug addicts - begins Monday, in what is one of the nation's most anticipated trials ever. When the media asked why he did it as he was being ushered away by police, the pig farmer told them "I live in Canada!"

  • Another man has been caught allegedly taking inappropriate photographs of women at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne. The 35-year-old Werribee man was arrested late today and interviewed by police at their Melbourne headquarters. The man asked how long it would take as the 10,000 plus subscribers to his Australian Open Fetish Upskirt website would not be happy if no updates arrived within 48 hours.

  • Music fans will be able to take Australian flags into the Big Day Out festival despite an attempt from organisers to lock out the 'gang colours' they claim incited racial hatred last year in Sydney. BDO promoter Ken West said the display of nationalism under the flag at the Sydney leg of BDO last year, a month after the Cronulla riots, was intolerable. Behavioural studies of this gang has shown them to enjoy beer, the beach, burnouts in done-up bogan cars, pub bands, countless sports, and a disregard for holier-than-thou 'koala suit wearing tree hugging alfalfa munching' tossers like Ken West.