Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 14 in the news....

  • Thousands of sex offenders have registered for profiles on social networking website MySpace. Bill Clinton said it was a great innovative way to help Hillary's presidential campaign.

  • German sex shop chain Beate Uhse must pay German soccer stars Michael Ballack and Oliver Kahn 50,000 euros ($81,205) each for using their names for vibrators without permission, the company said today. The vibrators weren't very popular anyhow as they only worked when you put Italian batteries in them.

  • The Palestinian interior minister resigned on Monday due to increasing violence in the Palestinian territories. The Palestinian government had to go into damage control saying this was no precedent, they were his views, and that they supported all forms of violence.

  • A Pakistani opposition strike virtually shut down Karachi and other major cities on Monday after nearly 40 people were killed and about 150 wounded in Pakistan's worst political street violence in two decades. It was estimated that the nation's economy suffered hundreds of dollars of damages.

  • Thousands of American troops searched on Sunday for three US soldiers missing in Iraq after an ambush in which al Qaeda said it seized "crusader" forces. The US is thinking about bringing in many experts on missing persons to ramp up the search, but the web hosts of the major Backstreet Boys fan sites have yet to agree.