Thursday, January 08, 2009

A brief moment in history II....

Cricket Quotes, The Ashes rivalry (rising again in July, 2009):

"A fart competing with thunder." England in Australia in 1990-91, as assessed by their captain Graham Gooch.

"Tufnell! Can I borrow your brain? I'm building an idiot." One of the funnier Australian barrackers as Phil Tufnell was pilloried by the crowd in Newcastle, Ashes series, 1994-5

"All the never-say-die qualities of a kamikaze pilot." England's cricketers in the 1990s, as seen by an Australian journalist

"A cricket tour in Australia would be the most delightful period in your life...if you were deaf." Harold Larwood England's main fast bowler on the Bodyline tour. He later emigrated to Australia

"I am not talking to anyone in the British media ... they are all pricks." Allan Border Australia's captain, at a press conference at Hove in 1993

"With the possible exception of Rolf Harris, no other Australian has inflicted more pain and grief on Englishmen since Don Bradman." The Daily Mirror's Mike Walters reflects on Steve Waugh's retirement

A brief moment in history....

Richard Pryor Interview, 2004, a year before his death:

Jason Byrne: "You talk about Muhammad Ali in your latest DVD and how frightening it was to be in the ring with him. But do you reckon you could beat him now that the two of you shake like maracas?"

Richard Pryor: "That's your fuckin' question?"

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Los Angeles Lakers vs Utah Jazz
January 2nd, 2008
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

Off to their best 30-game start since the 1999-2000 championship season, the Los Angeles Lakers have high aspirations for another title.

Utah, meanwhile, is just looking for a healthy starting lineup.

Los Angeles looks for its fifth win in a row on Friday night at Staples Center as it faces the injury-riddled Utah Jazz in the teams’ first meeting since last year’s playoffs.

No mercy. This is Cobra Kai shit. Sweep the leg Kobe. No mercy.

Sweep the leg.


Lakers taking the dominance early.

Pau Gasol and Derek Fisher on the floor for the hustle. Kobe on the shots without a miss, Walton playing well in the starting line up, Fish is fishing, Bynum's presence is hitting, so far so good.

17-6 to Lakers.

Kobe to Pau three-point play. Sasha is on the court. The Machine is ready to roll!

Ariza continuing to show awesome potential, that's a three.

27-10 to Lakers.

I'm so lucky to support a great team, hey Utah fans, you can eat shit when you want, get a spoon enjoy it.


LAKERS -- 37 UTAH -- 20

Kobe Kobe Kobe!

A great move through the pathetic Utah defence, or should I say, a great move from a great player through a professional defence.

Kobe's now got 12 points on 4 of 5 shots.

55-35 to Lakers. Utah are out-numbered by superior players, and Utah is supposedly one of the contenders out West. Andrei Kirilenko time to call in the FSB. Yes they'll get their arse kicked too.


LAKERS -- 57 UTAH -- 43

I have nothing to say about the Utah team as the third quarter is about to get underway, but I have plenty to say about Kobe and Pau, the one-two punch, bitches. How many ways can you not fade them? Even Boston knows now, cause in comes Bynum to back Gasol up. They can't pick on one man in the middle anymore.

Utah were pushovers last playoffs, Lakers got through them like Paris Hilton with 25 blokes.

Not good. Utah gets back within 3 points so Kobe has to push it back out to 5 points. Come on Lakers, don't leave Kobe alone, it's not time yet.

Andrei Kirilenko looks like Dolph Lundgren on too much slimfast.


LAKERS -- 81 UTAH -- 66

Kobe is putting on a show as usual.

Pau Gasol is showing why he can hustle points and only his lack of beef stops him from doing that to guys like Shaq.

The lights go out in the fourth quarter! Probably a Utah fan, probably going to do time in a Mormon jail for it.

Pau to Kobe for the slam. Mumma, there goes that man!

4 points difference now, Phil Jackson looks worried, but most likely pissed off.

TREVOR ARIZA IS HUSTLE. I love this guy!

The game finishes with a little Pau Gasol fast-break razzle-dazzle, which goes to Ariza for the slam.

I love this team.


LAKERS -- 113 UTAH -- 100

Highlights And it was a heck of a fun game to watch!