Friday, January 01, 2010

Tales From America: The Nate Chronicles Part III - The Nate Family

Wednesday had arrived in Dickson County.

It was time to head over to Nate's parent's house.

BANK OF DICKSON. An American bank that hasn't failed yet. Take that Vox!

Nate had ordered a drive-thru fried lunch at a take-away, we arrived to the eating, including the sweet tea, they love their sweet tea up here. It was after this that I found myself in the midst of redneck car fixing. JAC and Welldigger tried to move the car at one point and almost killed each other pushing. I wasn't helping, I was dressed too good for these grease monkeys! So they had some ducks from the lake, that's where I could be productive! I fed the ducks.

I CAN'T FIX CARS. But the ducks appreciate me. (Apparently snapping turtles in the lake, they told me not to swim naked Aussie drunk, I'm still not sure to believe the story)

So JAC and Welldigger were talking smack to each other about whose fault was what, bitches.... After their loser momentum had died down, we were off to the Jack Daniel's distillery! We took off too late! They shut at 4 PM so the drive never happened. I missed my Tennessee whiskey experience THANKS TO JAC AND WELLDIGGER THE LAME MECHANICS. So we went back to Nate's and drank beers. With the boys! Nate and JAC! Not Welldigger who wallowed in his lameness!

We decided on a Mexican restaurant for the night meal. Julie was grateful to join us on what was to be a boys night out, but Julie didn't have to say thanks, she is a cool chick! I got to offload a couple of pisses in a Mexican joint's toilet, WE WANT TACOS!

I had something I can't even remember what it was, it was tasty as all get up, but I don't know what you call it, I can't even pronounce it if I had its name here!

Mexican Restaurant. JAC thought I had a purdy mouth.

We got back to Nate's and we had a few more drinks. JAC left (pussy) and me and Nate ripped it up. Until Nate decided to leave, which put me in the pole-position to drink beers and internet. It was like heaven!

Little did I know that this night would forbode my waking up on the Thursday to go shootin' out in country Tennesssee......