Friday, November 20, 2009

Tales from America, Chapter II

We hit the malls.

Josh took me to the heart of consumerism in the West. I shopped. "Feeling so so strong best believe I want it all, it all!" A black kid said 'wassup', I looked away but Josh said 'what's up dude' back, he assured me that this was an aberration and that black kids in Franklin are too rich to be gangsta. My white self from Australia felt comforted because Kobe Bryant doesn't act like that and Josh is my guide of these black people in this foreign land.

WRONG TURN. They have stops where you drive in and stop. To eat!

After night fell. It was time for..... Nate. I didn't want to get out of the car at Nate's! I wanted to curl into a ball of butter!

How they greet me!

The problem with Tennesseans like Nate is that they think that white people are allowed to be assertive still, but that's played out! I did not once see him praise a person of colour who has immigrated to Anglo-controlled lands so I think that needs to be reported!